12 Scientific Answers to Common Questions

Posted on Apr 08, 2016

All our lives, we've frequently asked ourselves questions about the world that have never been unanswered... until now.

1. How Do Glaciers Form?

How Do Glaciers Form?
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From what we know, glaciers form in two ways. The first way is that they are formed when snow piles up on the top of the mountain freezes. The other way they form is by constant refreezing of the water below them, which makes them grow.

2. How Do Cats Drink?

How Do Cats Drink?
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Contrary to popular assumptions, cats don't drink like dogs. They drink by whipping liquid backwards into their mouths with their tongues.

3. Why Do Fingers Wrinkle?

Why Do Fingers Wrinkle?
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Due to their geometrical shapes, fibers of keratin in the skin of our fingertips have the ability to expand while keeping the same structure. In essence, that means that our fingers wrinkle due to water absorption.

4. Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?
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Our hair needs melanin to keep its color. However, since our bodies generate hydrogen peroxide, it eventually blocks the flow of melanin, making our hair grey.
12 Scientific Answers to Common Questions
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