According to Science, People with Blue Eyes Have Much More in Common Than Just Their Eye Color

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

A team of scientists started researching the history and the genetics of blue eye color and the people who have it. The results showed something incredible about their origins.

Researchers believe that they got to the bottom of the mystery that surrounds blue-eyed humans. It turns out that people with blue eyes have much more in common than just their eye color. If you have blue eyes, the results of the scientific experiments will blow your mind. Take a look.

1. A Mystery in Blue

A Mystery in Blue
What do you know about your ancestors? When you go back several generations, your ancestry gets quite complicated.

Anthropologists and other scientists have spent a long time trying to figure out what life was like for the earliest generations of people.


In that vast network of ancestors, how do you find your traits?

This research focuses on the origins of blue eye color. Finding it in your ancestors is incredibly difficult. So scientists focused on finding the origins of it.

3. They Believe They Found the Answer

They Believe They Found the Answer
The researchers went back exactly 128 generations in their experiment. After extensive research, their data led them to the conclusion that blue eyes originated from a single person.

Their findings pointed to a man from Europe who was alive thousands of years ago. In fact, they claim that the man was alive 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.

4. Brown Was the Most Common Color

Brown Was the Most Common Color
Scientists used to believe that our ancestors all had brown eyes in prehistoric times.

Over the years, there was a new gene called OCA2 which changed it all. It caused the pigment to change to different colors.


But when it came to blue eyes, scientists couldn't find the origins of the pigment change.

Which means that they didn't know when the first humans with blue eyes were born. So their discovery of the ancestry of blue eyes was huge in the scientific community.

6. A Gene Called HERC2

A Gene Called HERC2
Scientists in Spain discovered this gene in 2006. They found it in the remains of a man who lived in the Stone Age.

This gene was investigated and that's how scientists concluded that HERC2 was the cause of blue eyes.


After testing was completed on genes from Scandinavia and Africa, the researchers created sketches of how our earliest ancestors with blue eyes might have looked.

Carles Lalueza-Fox is a doctor who researches evolutionary biology in Spain and he claims that the European man is the oldest known specimen with this gene.

8. What Does That Mean for You?

What Does That Mean for You?
So the scientists reached a conclusion that every person with blue eyes is related to this man from Spain.

If your eyes are blue, this sketch shows your ancestor that lived on the planet thousands of years ago! Isn't that simply mind blowing?
According to Science, People with Blue Eyes Have Much More in Common Than Just Their Eye Color
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