You Didn’t Know These 12 Famous "Unsolved" Mysteries Have Actually Been SOLVED

Posted on Apr 11, 2016

There have been mysteries that eluded us for ages and will continue to do so until we realize that someone had already cracked their code.

1. Sailing Stones

Sailing Stones
The "sailing stones" move by being blown by the wind and slide on the remains of ice that forms beneath them on a yearly basis.

2. The Franklin Expedition

The Franklin Expedition
The members of the expedition that went missing in 1845 met its end by getting stuck in the ice and being poisoned by the lead in canned foods and succumbing to tuberculosis.

3. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle
The notorious Bermuda Triangle was the cause of various misinformation. Nearly all of the ships that went missing in that area were found to have sunk.

4. Fake Anastasia Romanov

Fake Anastasia Romanov
Anna Anderson was a person claiming to be the Russian imperial princess Anastasia Romanov who survived execution by the Bolsheviks, but DNA tests determined that her claims were false.

5. Construction of The Pyramids

Construction of The Pyramids
Pyramids were constructed by having laborers pull large stone blocks on sleds, reducing friction by pouring water on the sand and lubricating sleds using clay. Extraterrestrials weren't involved in the construction.

6. The Fall of Mayan Civilization

The Fall of Mayan Civilization
The Mayan Civilization fell due to deforestation, which affected the land's circle of regrowth, causing drought and erosion and destroying the agriculture. Because of that, the population emigrated from the lowlands.

7. Richard III's Death

Richard III's Death
Richard III's remains were found in a grave beneath a parking space. The study of his corpse concluded that he sustained eleven wounds at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 and also nine blows to the skull.

8. Maria Ridulph's Murderer

Maria Ridulph's Murderer
Maria Ridulph was a seven-year-old girl that was murdered in 1957. The case surrounding her murder was solved in 2012, revealing that her murderer was a psychopath by the birth name of John Tessier and legal name of Jack Daniel McCullough.

9. The Tunguska Blast

The Tunguska Blast
The Tunguska Blast was a mysterious phenomenon that occurred in 1908 when an enormous explosion of then-unknown origin happened in a remote forest in Siberia. It was revealed in 2012 that this explosion, a thousand times stronger than that of the Fat Man, was caused by a meteor, whose crater has turned into a lake.

10. The Umbrella Man

The Umbrella Man
The person holding an umbrella on a clear day of JFK's assassination was later revealed to be Louie Steven Witt, who was uninvolved in the conspiracy to kill the president, but was protesting what JFK's father had done as a former American ambassador in the UK.

11. The Bigfoot

The Bigfoot
The Bigfoot was publicly admitted to having been a hoax in the 2000s by its creators, Bob Heironimus, Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson.

12. The Shroud of Torino

The Shroud of Torino
The shroud was allegedly a cloth Jesus Christ was covered with, but it's been discovered to be a fabric from 1260.
You Didn’t Know These 12 Famous "Unsolved" Mysteries Have Actually Been SOLVED
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