14 Weapons That Are so Horrifying and Inhumane They’re BANNED from Warfare

Posted on Mar 30, 2016

Warfare is already brutal enough, but these weapons are internationally forbidden because they are incredibly inhumane.

1. Pitfalls

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These traps may seem outdated, but they have been used in WW2 and the Vietnam war.

2. Mustard Gas

Mustard Gas
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This lethal yellow gas was efficiently used at the Western front in WWI for clearing trenches. It melts people's lungs when inhaled.

3. Radioactive Bombs

Radioactive Bombs
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Also known as dirt bombs, these explosives would turn any habitable land into waste.

4. Bio-Weapons

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Infecting enemies with deadly diseases is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and they always spread to genral population.

5. Nerve Gas

Nerve Gas
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One of the most destructive weapons known to man is the nerve gas, which destroys nervous systems.

6. Mace

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Also known as pepper spray, these are allowed for usage in civilian self-defence, but not warfare.

7. Landmines That Explode Instantly

Landmines That Explode Instantly
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Landmines are legal for use when they explode after a certain amount of time.

8. Tear Gas

Tear Gas
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Even though it's used for suppressing riots by the police, it's banned from use in warfare.

9. Poisoned Ammo

Poisoned Ammo
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Surviving a gunshot is already hard enough, but using poisoned bullets is a way to make casualties more certain.

10. Phosgene Gas

Phosgene Gas
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Another lethal gas used in WWI, phosgene gas was mass-produced and responsible for 85% of the casualties by chemicals.

11. Laser Beams

Laser Beams
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Laser beams aren't exactly used for cutting people in half, but they can blind people, so they're banned.

12. Flamethrowers

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While not exactly banned from warfare entirely, they're forbidden from usage in inhabited areas.

13. Napalm

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Same as flamethrowers, napalm can only be used against soldiers, not civilians.

14. Plastic Mines

Plastic Mines
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Another law considering landmines is that they're allowed if shrapnel can be detected by X-Rays.
14 Weapons That Are so Horrifying and Inhumane They’re BANNED from Warfare
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