13 Things Everyone Should Know but Somehow Nobody Does

Posted on Jun 15, 2016

If you love to surf the internet, you've probably seen a plethora of interesting and mind blowing . However, some of those can be quite random, and you can forget them shortly after you read them. We've collected 13 amazing are extremely important and should be regarded as common knowledge!

Unfortunately, nobody knows them, so you should learn them and impress your buddies!

1. Frankenstein

Photo: i.imgur.com
In the novel, Dr. Victor Frankenstein created a creature called "The Monster." So the truth is, he never actually called it Frankenstein!

2. Ponies

Photo: kingstonridingcentre.com
Ponies aren't baby horses. They are horses of a small breed, and baby horses are called foals.

3. Goldfish Bowls

Goldfish Bowls
Photo: katherineingram.com
These glass bowls are too small for them. Goldfish are supposed to live in large environments. In their natural environment, they can grow to be over a foot long.

4. The Netherlands vs Holland

The Netherlands vs Holland
Photo: kids.nationalgeographic.com
The Netherlands is divided into two geographical areas, North Holland, and South Holland. But, in West Michigan, there is also a small town called Holland!

5. Chrome Browser Hack

Chrome Browser Hack
Photo: timeshighereducation.com
Pressing Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + Shift + T will reopen the windows that you closed by mistake. Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + T will reopen closed tabs!

6. Narwhals Are Real

Narwhals Are Real
Photo: worldwildlife.org
Even though they are sometimes referred to as the "Unicorns of the Sea," Narwhals are actually a species of whale that lives in the Arctic.

7. Porta-Potty Ventilation

Porta-Potty Ventilation
Photo: longislandportapotty.rentals
When you put the lid down in a Porta-Potty, the smell should go away. In fact, the small chimneys on the top will release it into the air!

8. Bread Can Hurt Ducks

Bread Can Hurt Ducks
Photo: science-all.com
Ducks cannot eat bread. It is dangerous for them. So, it's better to feed them with seeds or vegetable leftovers.

9. The Deodorant and Antiperspirant Dilemma

The Deodorant and Antiperspirant Dilemma
Photo: sciencebasedmedicine.org
It's time to find out the difference: deodorants hide bad odors, and they make you smell good, while antiperspirants prevent you from sweating.

10. Headphones and Microphones Are Almost the Same Thing

Headphones and Microphones Are Almost the Same Thing
Photo: upload.wikimedia.org
Your headphones make sound waves from electricity, and microphones convert sound waves into electricity. Essentially, you can turn your headphones into a microphone!

11. Drowning

Photo: imgur.com
Drowning in real life looks different than it does in the . A person will usually try to breathe and to stay on the surface of the water. So, they will not be calling for help by screaming.

12. Learn the Difference!

Learn the Difference!
Photo: findingninee.com
You should've known this years ago!

13. The Age of the Earth

The Age of the Earth
Photo: files.omniscopic.com
Did you know that Earth's age does not depend on the Gregorian calendar?
13 Things Everyone Should Know but Somehow Nobody Does
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