22 Surprising FBI Secrets That "Never Happened"

Posted on May 12, 2016

The FBI is always connected with something secretive. There are so many movies which involve the agency in mysterious activities that can never be solved. Here are 23 of the darkest and most mysterious stories about the FBI.

1. The Suspicious Falafel

The Suspicious Falafel
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In 2005 and '06, the FBI was tracking the records of falafel sales. They suspected that this data will lead them to Iranian secret agents.

2. Wild Goose Chase

Wild Goose Chase
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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the head of the 9/11 terrorist operation sent FBI agents on an actual wild goose chase. He reported that the geese were running down Central Park with explosives attached to them.

3. Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen
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Remember Borat? After pedestrians and locals had claimed that Sacha Baron Cohen was a “middle eastern man traveling the Midwest in an ice cream truck,” he was under investigation and observation by the FBI. During the filming, he was reported as a potential terrorist.

4. E.T. Phone Home

E.T. Phone Home
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In 1986, a UFO was spotted on radars in Japan during a flight to Tokyo. The information was classified and it was labeled as the first UFO encounter on radars by the FBI. Of course, according to them, the event "never took place."
22 Surprising FBI Secrets That "Never Happened"
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