Watch Out for These Coat Hangers in Public Restrooms: They’re Not What They Seem to Be (12 Pics)

Posted on Jul 19, 2016

No one can relax in a public space, but bathrooms, hotel rooms, and change rooms are places that should give us some privacy. Unfortunately, sometimes even there you are not safe, and here is why.

1. Suspicious Coat Hook

Suspicious Coat Hook
Coat hooks like this one can be found in every public bathroom or change room, and they mostly all look alike.

2. Spy Camera

Spy Camera
Unfortunately, some of them are actually spy cameras used to record women in their most vulnerable states.

3. Double Hooks

Double Hooks
They may look like ordinary hooks, but double hooks are not standard, which may point out that something is not right.

4. They Are Easily Replaced

They Are Easily Replaced
Ordinary coat hooks can easily be replaced by a spy coat hook. They can be attached to almost any surface without leaving a mark.

5. They Are Very Affordable

They Are Very Affordable
This harmful tool can be bought online for less than 20 dollars, so practically anyone could use it for stalking.

6. They Can Last Long

They Can Last Long
Wall hook spy cameras can record for more than 120 minutes incontinently, and they have a good point of view.

7. Easily Rechargeable

Easily Rechargeable
They have a charger and a transfer cable so recharging is never a problem.

8. Convenient Video Recorder

Convenient Video Recorder
It has a very small video recorder on top. It can record both video and audio, and in comes in two standard colors, black and white.

9. Wireless Control Is Included

Wireless Control Is Included
Everything can be recorded remotely, and the wireless control works perfectly through walls.

10. Unusual Places

Unusual Places
If you spot coat hangers on an unusual place, it's possible that they are in fact spy cameras.

11. Places They Should Not Be

Places They Should Not Be
A workplace is not a place for such device, although they are sold as a safety tool. Recording employees is illegal.

12. If You Spot It, Contact the Police Immediately

If You Spot It, Contact the Police Immediately
Because it's a serious threat to women and children, if you see such a device in a public restroom, contact the police immediately.
Watch Out for These Coat Hangers in Public Restrooms: They’re Not What They Seem to Be (12 Pics)
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