Your Horoscope Can Determine the Best Pet for You

Posted on May 20, 2016

Taking care of a pet is not easy, and facing the choice of which animal to keep as a pet is even harder. But did you know that your horoscope can match you with the perfect pet? Check out the best pet for you according to astrology.

1. Aries

No other animal will match your optimism and energy as much as a dog will! A dog will respond to your courage, and it will love to go with you on adventures and conquests. A dog is a ram's best friend.

2. Taurus

Determination and persistence are your best traits, and a hamster will be your best companion. These cute little creatures never give up, and they will match your down-to-earth personality. They are also very energetic, just like you.

3. Gemini

Your smart and communicative personality will need a pet who can keep up with it. A flamboyant parrot will do just that. They will mimic your moves and way of talking while their appearance and behavior will spark your imagination.

4. Cancer

You need a cat! But if you're a Cancer, you probably already have a couple of them. These buddies are friendly, but they don't demand constant attention. Just like you. The cat will match your intuition and instincts, and it will be your favorite companion for years to come.

5. Leo

We know you want to get an actual lion, but that's extremely unsafe and illegal. You can choose a horse instead. They're so fun and are always active. They keep moving and so do you. Prestige and class also come with owning a horse. This pet will match your royal personality.

6. Virgo

Dear Virgo, you need a pet who is detached from emotions. But this is not offensive, you simply need the space, and you love being rational. Fish are reliable, and they are quite consistent, just like you.

7. Libra

What else can fit a Libra instead of a Dove? This peaceful, beautiful and intelligent bird will match your need for harmony and balance perfectly. You will adore your new pet. Together, you will bring peace to your life and the lives of many others.

8. Scorpio

Getting a lizard is the next best thing to getting an actual scorpion for your personality. It can survive for many years, and it loves having a long relationship with its owner. The lizard can live in every environment, just like you, but it won't be able to sting you like an actual scorpion. Maybe it will teach you something.

9. Sagittarius

Yes, a centaur represents your sign, and you're awesome. You've said it a thousand times! However, your best match is the complete opposite. A turtle is the best pet for you! Why? It's an independent spirit, it doesn't need anyone's help, and it is incredibly wise. Just like you.

10. Capricorn

A ferret is quite unpredictable. It is also very quick, and its actions are bold. It will match your personality perfectly because both of you like to get yourselves into sticky situations, and you always come out on top.

11. Aquarius

Love and care are the main things when it comes to you, Aquarius. This is why an alpaca is your best match. It is unique and full of life, just like you. It might seem a little bit unusual, but an alpaca will be a great companion.

12. Pisces

You are just so creative that you've always been looking for your personal White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Getting a rabbit is perfect for you because they are so cuddly and cute. Caring for a rabbit will spark your attention, and it will help you focus.
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Your Horoscope Can Determine the Best Pet for You
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