This Website Can Tell You Who Died in Your Home Before You Bought It

Posted on Nov 14, 2016

When you are about to buy a new house or even rent an apartment, there is more than one question running through your head. Most of the issues are regular ones, regarding maintenance, costs and upkeep of the new household, but what about the more obscure questions? After you make sure your new home is not haunted, doesn't it make you wonder a bit about the people who lived there before you...and potentially died there?! Well, there is a remedy for that situation as well, just look your house up on this website and all your questions shall be answered!

1. The Name Says It All

The Name Says It All
For just a little over $11, you can do all the research you need and the results will be neatly provided to you by the website called! Quite self-explanatory, don't you think? But check out how it works.

2. The Policy of a Tight Lip

The Policy of a Tight Lip
The laws are constantly changing, and for instance, in Massachusetts, realtors are no longer obliged to share with you the gloomy, eerie history of your potential home. But they also cannot lie to your face, so if you come prepared and ask a direct question, they will have to give you an honest answer - no matter how scary it may be.

3. The Law's Opinion

The Law's Opinion
Roy Condrey, the website's founder points out how deaths and other accidents that happened on the grounds of an object on sale, in the eyes of law, are not considered actual facts and therefore can easily be overlooked.

4. Outraged by the Hush-Hush Policy

Outraged by the Hush-Hush Policy
Condrey, like most of us, is baffled by this policy, and can't understand why people would withdraw such information that is indeed a big deal when it comes to making a decision about buying your new home - "I don't see why deaths are not considered...Personally, I would want to know if there was a murder-suicide before I bought the property."

5. The History

The History
Mr. Condrey, a landlord himself, started to dabble in this subject because of personal experience! He claims that one of his tenants complained about her home being haunted, and that is when he became interested in researching the history of local buildings.

6. A Bunch of Old Houses

A Bunch of Old Houses
In Massachusetts, there are more houses built between the period of the 17th and 18th century than anywhere else in America, so it may be a good idea to check with Condrey's site before making any big decision if you are having trouble coping with the past of your soon-to-be new home.

7. Not Important Enough They Say?!

Not Important Enough They Say?!
On the other hand, Ashley Stolba, who works in the Massachusetts Realtors Association, states the following - "It's not something that needs to be disclosed or volunteered by real estate agents because it's not a material defect with the actual property."

8. Common Practice

Common Practice
When asked about this subject, Kristie Aussubel, the owner of a real estate agency, said that actually, quite a large number of people asks about the grimmer aspects of the house they are looking to buy.

9. It Takes a Detective

It Takes a Detective
She continues to point out that it is quite hard to come up with such information and that most of the time she has no idea about the in-depth background of the property on sale.

10. The Case of the Boston Strangler

The Case of the Boston Strangler
Aussubel continues by naming the most notorious locations, such as The Paramount, where Boston Strangler finished off his last victim. In her own words - "People ask, especially with the murder at the Paramount... People are fascinated by that, especially people from out of town."

11. Paranormal Encounters?

Paranormal Encounters?
Another realtor called Judy Moore has ample experience in dealing with the sale of historic houses - "When you're showing houses built in the 1700s and 1800s, you do run into a few ghost encounters."

12. Brave Buyers

Brave Buyers
She even remembers an occasion when she was about to close the deal on a house that was allegedly haunted by a priest's ghost. Still, the buyers did not seem too distressed about it and bought the house anyway. As a conclusion, she points out that the supernatural element does sometimes come up during the house inquiry, but mostly around Halloween.

13. In the End - It's All up to You

In the End - It's All up to You
In any case, if you are a firm believer that all past experiences do leave a mark on a property, don't waste any more time. Visit the website and put all your fears to rest!
This Website Can Tell You Who Died in Your Home Before You Bought It
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