Psychologists Show You How to Understand Your Own Rorschach Test Interpretation

Posted on Dec 20, 2016

Rorschach ink blots have been around since the 1920s, and the test was used in clinical psychology. People's responses to the test may vary, depending on your culture and country. So what does the test tell you about yourself? Here's how to really understand what you see in the ink blots.

1. The Man Who Created The Test

The Man Who Created The Test
The idea for the test came to Hermann Rorschach's mind while he was studying psychology and thus wanted to use the ink blots for diagnosing subjects with schizophrenia.

2. Go on and Get Creative

Go on and Get Creative
Look at the Rorschach image and try and describe what you see. If you give a new perspective on a shape, you may get some extra points for being creative. In the end, it all depends on the person examining you and on how he or she evaluates your answers. But here's how to do it all by yourself!

3. Card 1

Card 1
The first card can provide insights on how you handle new and stressful tasks. Good and common answers will be if you see a bat or woman in the middle. This means that you are nicely organized and a great multi-tasker. If you see the face of an animal or a masked person, you might be suspicious or paranoid. A bad answer is if you see an offensive or inappropriate image of a woman.

4. Card 2

Card 2
If you see a violent image or blood, it tells you how you cope with feelings of anger and physical harm. The best answer to have here is a cave opening, a pretty butterfly, or two women. In case you don't spot these, you could have problems in social situations and in relationships.

5. Card 3

Card 3
The common interpretation of this is two people interacting. What you see shows how you relate to people. And if you see men or women, it will describe your gender preference in relationships. If you take too long to find the figures, you might be struggling in your social interactions.

6. Card 4

Card 4
This card sure looks dark, doesn't it? It actually shows your relationship with your father figure. Most people see a man or animals, like a monkey, dog, or a bear. What you see shines a light on your beliefs concerning men and authority. Seeing these figures is considered good. But if you see violence or a violent person or animal, you might have problems with authority or problems with your father.

7. Card 5

Card 5
This one isn't complicated. Rorschach said that most people should see a bat. Many people also see a butterfly. Those are the good answers, but if the wings of the butterfly have alligator heads or scissors, it can indicate anger problems.

8. Card 6

Card 6
This card is complicated because an appropriate answer would be to see a ship or the skin of an animal. The trick is to turn this card around. If you see any of the previous answers, a big mushroom cloud or even, men with exaggerated facial features, psychologists can determine your gender preference.

9. Card 7

Card 7
This card should annotate what feelings you have in regards to your mother. Almost everybody notices two women or girls. However, if you see negative images such as two witches, evil spirits or just two women fighting, it could point out a weak mother-child relationship. If you happen to see stormy clouds, you could have anxiety issues.

10. Card 8

Card 8
Do you see animals with four legs, like bears? A different answer would indicate mental illness. The other positive answers are butterflies or a Christmas tree.

11. Card 9

Card 9
Seeing a mushroom cloud in this card could reveal that you have a tendency towards being paranoid. And an image of male figures or beasts in a fight may say that your social upbringing had issues. On the other hand, if you see a colorful explosion, flowers, and even fire, you are very imaginative.

12. Card 10

Card 10
The last card shows how organized you are. It's very colorful, and if you could see stuff like colorful parrots, fried eggs, lobsters or spiders, you are a very positive individual. Psychologists will ask you to write all of them down in order. You should also consider a more spiritual approach to viewing this card. If you regard it as aquatic life or a microscopic view of certain organisms, excellent! An answer that could cause concern would be to see an image of smoke or figures who smoke.
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Psychologists Show You How to Understand Your Own Rorschach Test Interpretation
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