22 Things That Can Get Bizarre if You Think about Them a Lot

Posted on Apr 19, 2016

There's stuff around you that you might never think about. You should maybe stick to understanding things just like they are described and not spend your time analyzing them further.

1. Ties

Men, in their offices, letting that colorful thing hang loose from their necks...

2. Graveyards

One might think it is more reasonable to plant something instead of areas filled with lifeless humans.

3. Water

We need it to survive. Yet, most of it out there can kill us.

4. Skeletons

You are, and will be one. Forever.

5. Eggs

Almost everything you eat could be chickens. Vegans, raise your voice!

6. Babies

Hey, a grown up baby gave birth to you. You were a baby; you'll give birth to a baby.

7. The Human Brain

The Human Brain
Who named it brain? Someone else's... Brain?

8. Death

Either you're dead, or you will be. Nietzsche approves.

9. Beef Cat Food

Beef Cat Food
Beef is cow meat. Cats are eating beef. Food chain - changed.

10. French Kiss

French Kiss
Two tongues wriggling around.

11. Cats

The 'cow thing' makes more sense if you think of them as tiny tigers. Which they are.

12. Pets

Pets develop Stockholm Syndrome for their owners. Am I right?

13. Techology

The stuff that laptops and phones are built of were here millions of years ago. We just reordered the atoms and voila!

14. Cars

Driving explosive devices to get us somewhere much faster. What?!

15. Atoms

They consist of 99% emptiness, and somehow all is composed of atoms. Are we that empty?

16. Garbage Men

Garbage Men
You get paid to collect junk and offload it to junk?

17. Clapping

Smashing your hands against one another to display your support.

18. Legal Tender

Legal Tender
We are confident that the money system works. Therefore, it endures.

19. Laughing and Crying

Laughing and Crying
Joy and sorrow are not so much distinct according to our facial muscles.

20. Jellyfish

97 percent water looks like this.

21. Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics can't accommodate with gravity, yet it has further proof of existing than gravity.

22. Your Age

Your Age
You will never be younger than you are, but you're also the oldest you that ever was. At the same time.
Images source: list25.com
22 Things That Can Get Bizarre if You Think about Them a Lot
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