Here's What 11 Most Common Dreams Really Mean

Posted on Nov 15, 2016

We all know how dreams can be nice, sweet, but then again some can be quite traumatic and can influence the rest of our day. But they are not meaningless, they can carry a much deeper symbolic message our subconscious is trying to alert us about. Psychologists offer several ways of explaining our most common dreams, and also suggest that we write down the ones that have touched us the most. Take a look.

1. Being Extremely Late

Being Extremely Late
This dream usually comes to you when you are experiencing increased troubles at work, or you have a big important project coming up that makes you feel like you are missing out on things in your life due to a great number of responsibilities. Think about what areas of your life are troubling you the most and make a plan on how to improve the situation.
Here's What 11 Most Common Dreams Really Mean
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