5 Key Reasons Why the Most Beautiful Women Fall for Men That Are 'Not so Attractive'

Posted on Nov 07, 2016

This topic can easily be defined as one that is an age old question. It seems as if the "Beauty and the Beast" syndrome has never been more prominent than now. Here we have several insights given by anonymous attractive ladies that may clear the air a bit!

1. Good Looks = No Brain

Good Looks = No Brain
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The stigma that has been following around beautiful women all over the world has actually found its place in the male circles. Apparently, many attractive women claim that gorgeous men they have been introduced to, turned out to be quite disappointingly uninteresting and vain - which is not at all appealing.

2. Appearance Is Just a Small Portion of Attractiveness

Appearance Is Just a Small Portion of Attractiveness
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Most women (quite logically) claimed that they had more fulfilling relationships with men who have strong charisma, good sense of humor and colorful interests, rather than with those who were considered to be just "eye-candy".

3. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
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Guys who have a higher emotional intelligence are sure to make better contact with girls since they can communicate how they feel and express their thoughts in a more fluent way, which results in better overall communication and relationships.

4. Global Pressure from Social Media

Global Pressure from Social Media
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Part of the problem is also the fact that the media have always advertised good looks and pressured women into presenting themselves in the best possible way, making a flawless appearance almost an imperative. On the other hand, the situation is a bit different when it comes to men in that respect.

5. Average Joe

Average Joe
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Numerous studies show that women feel more secure with average looking men since they are usually more likely to commit to a relationship, and isn't a stable relationship what we all want in the end? As it turns out, when it comes to true love, money and beauty are taking the back seat to brains and charm - what's in the package is ultimately more important than the wrapping paper.
5 Key Reasons Why the Most Beautiful Women Fall for Men That Are 'Not so Attractive'
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