11 Most Controversial Barbie Dolls Ever Made

Posted on Jun 21, 2016

We all knew Barbie dolls came in a wide variety of roles, but some models caused outrage among parents and women worldwide.

They even stirred up debates about whether they're good for little girls or not. Some of the models were insulting to women, some of them were racist, and some of them didn't look like appropriate dolls for young girls. You'll be left wondering how it was even possible for the company to create and mass produce so many inappropriate models without even thinking about the consequences.

Check out the ones that shocked the public the most.

1. Pregnant Midge Doll

Pregnant Midge Doll
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Midge is Barbie's friend, first introduced in 1963.

In 2002, a pregnant version of Midge was released in a set called "Happy Family - Mom and Baby." There was a disturbing hole in Midge's belly, and you could put the baby inside and take it out.

Along with this disastrous feature, Mattel was also accused of encouraging teen pregnancy.
11 Most Controversial Barbie Dolls Ever Made
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