10 Freaky Tales of People Who Claim to Have Traveled to Another Dimension

Posted on Sep 16, 2016

Hugh Everett III suggested parallel universes as one of the possibilities in 1954, and they've been extremely popular ever since. All of this is just a theory as far as science goes, but there are people going public every day claiming that they found slips between dimensions and managed to go to different worlds. These are some of their stories.

1. The Mystery of Ong's Hat

The Mystery of Ong's Hat
Photo: commons.wikimedia.org
Ong was a man who claimed his hat disappeared in another dimension after he threw it in the air. There's a town in New Jersey by the name Ong's Hat where the story originates. It's a ghost town now. In Ong's Hat, the Institute of Chaos Studies was founded by three scientists. Legend says that they mastered interdimensional travel using the chaos theory and that they currently reside in a dimension that never developed human life, but is full of plants.

2. The Wrong Town

The Wrong Town
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Carol Chase McElheney claimed that, on a drive from Perris to San Bernardino, she wanted to stop in the Riverside, her hometown. When she arrived there, she realized that the town was different even though it was positioned where Riverside is supposed to be. She left immediately. After a few years, she went back to Riverside to her father's funeral and everything was in its place again.

3. Another Dimension in Gadianton Canyon

Another Dimension in Gadianton Canyon
Photo: yaplakal.com
Several Southern Utah University students were driving through Gadianton Canyon when the scenery suddenly changed. The desert disappeared, and fields were all around them. At one point, weird vehicles that were egg shaped and had three wheels started going after them. They escaped and, in the morning, nobody would believe them, but nobody could explain why their tire tracks disappeared for 600 feet in the desert.

4. Highway to a Different Dimension

Highway to a Different Dimension
Photo: regblog.org
In 1985, Pedro Oliva Ramirez was driving in Spain. This was not his first time driving the route. After one turn, he claims to have found himself in a weird highway he never saw before that. Unusual terrain and structures were everywhere around him. He heard a voice tell him he was teleported. Once he found the intersection, he began driving to Seville but ended up in his hometown. He tried finding the weird highway again but never succeeded.
10 Freaky Tales of People Who Claim to Have Traveled to Another Dimension
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