What 10 Ways of Hugging Your Partner Say about You and Your Relationship

Posted on Sep 05, 2016

If you're in a relationship, you probably know a lot about the non-verbal communication between your partner and yourself. However, there are things that you just never pick up because they're so subtle, you don't even think about them or notice them.

Believe it or not, where you put your hands while walking with your significant other, or how you hug them can reveal a lot about you and your partner, especially about your true personality and the nature of your relationship. Here's what it all means!

1. Looking Into Each Other's Face

Looking Into Each Other's Face
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If a partner doesn't have a problem with gazing into your eyes while hugging you, this only means they respect you and love you incredibly much.

He wants to make a meaningful connection and you really mean a lot to him when he looks into your eyes and hugs you. You are lucky!

2. Hands in Pockets

Hands in Pockets
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This one is more complicated because there are several meanings. If you two hug and your hands go in their pockets like this, it means that you feel comfortable around them and that you are very calm.

However, some people think this is a sign of mistrust. What are you trying to find in those pockets, a proof that he's been cheating on you this whole time?

3. Hug That Gives the "We Are Just Friends" Vibe

Hug That Gives the "We Are Just Friends" Vibe
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Yes, this one isn't exactly what two people in love do. To be more precise, one of the partners is head over heels in love and you'll notice how he or she puts a hand over the partner's shoulder.

The other one is clearly not as committed because he/she puts the hand around the partner's waist!

4. The Possessive Hug

The Possessive Hug
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This hug pretty much sends the "she is mine" signal to the rest of the world.

This hug is meant for people who dislike ordinary things, and therefore ordinary hugs. Holding hands in public is just way too conventional for you.

5. The Tense Hug

The Tense Hug
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You hug someone like this when you are afraid of losing them because they just mean the world to you.

This is how your partner will know you cherish them and that you are ready to do what it takes in order to protect them.

6. Another "I Will Protect You" Hug

Another "I Will Protect You" Hug
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This too is an indicator of true love.

When you love someone this much, you want to protect them so bad and this is what this gesture is all about. This hug means that you're willing to do anything for their security and safety.

7. Hugging While Dancing

Hugging While Dancing
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This reveals a perfect trust among partners. It is a symbol of a loving, committed relationship of which you are both a part of.

Doing this while dancing is extremely intimate and if you still do it after a long time in your relationship, it means that you love has never faded away.

8. The Passionate One

The Passionate One
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This hug is a sign of a passionate relationship, and you both feel that mutual chemistry!

It can happen if you are sitting or standing and the hug surprises you. It's extremely passionate and spontaneous, which reveals exactly how your partner feels about you.

9. The "I Feel Uncomfortable" Hug

The "I Feel Uncomfortable" Hug
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This one is an awkward catastrophe no one should go through.

Keeping this distance while hugging can only mean one thing: you don't trust that person and you feel weird around them! You doubt their feelings, and you simply don't want to get closer to them!

10. One-Way Hug

One-Way Hug
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This hug tells a lot about your relationship with someone, and it brings the bad news: while one person gives a strong embrace, the other stands there indifferently.

This can never be a good thing, and it's a clear sign there is something wrong with you two.
What 10 Ways of Hugging Your Partner Say about You and Your Relationship
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