12 Things We Use Every Day That Are Terribly Designed

Posted on Mar 13, 2017

The human race has invented genius stuff like airplanes and spaceships, but at the same time, we're failing to improve those bizarre everyday things that make us frustrated again and again. Here is a list of these things, as well as our solutions to the problems.

1. Touch Screens

Touch Screens
Photo: icerabbit.com
The touch screen came as next level technology compared to physical buttons, but it has its costs. You simply can't escape having it smudged with fingerprints, and this is the first thing you notice when you grab your gadget. Doesn't matter the place or situation, you'll see people constantly rubbing their phone's displays against their clothes.

2. Bins and Garbage Bags

Bins and Garbage Bags
Photo: cdn.shopclues.com
Why do you put garbage bags in a bin? So you don't have to wash it every time you throw out the trash, right? But we all know that bags always tear up, and all of the trash end up at the bottom of the bin. So what's the point? They should think of something removable that will absorb the juice in case bag got ripped up.

3. Those Annoying X-Mas Lights

Those Annoying X-Mas Lights
Photo: media.mlive.com
Who hasn't experienced problems with these lights? Every single year, when the holidays are over, you put them in the box, and next year you find them tangled, all tied down in knots. And finally, when you finish untangling them, they don't work!

4. Cartons for Juice and Dairy Products

Cartons for Juice and Dairy Products
Photo: americandisposal.com
It shouldn't be so difficult to open these, but somehow, it is. And once you mess things up, there is no way back. It is frustrating and it can ruin your morning. Someone could make millions by offering a good solution.
12 Things We Use Every Day That Are Terribly Designed
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