19 Ordinary Items Which You Can Use in a Whole Different Way

Posted on Oct 05, 2016

Now, you might be thinking, what else is there to know about jean pockets? I mean, it's something we've been using since forever! But, you'll be surprised that these things we use on a daily basis can have a totally different purpose!

1. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil
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The holes on the aluminum foil packages are there for a reason: they can help you get rid of excess foil and cut the exact amount you need at the moment, without ruining the rest of the roll.

2. Different Bread Tags

Different Bread Tags
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Take a good look at the color of the tag. It tells you how fresh your bread is, and when it was bought! Colors were put into an order that's alphabetical, blue represents Monday, and so on.

3. Yogurt Cups

Yogurt Cups
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We bet you didn't know these Greek yogurt containers can be bent in such way that you don't need a spoon to mix the ingredients at all!

4. Fuel Indicator

Fuel Indicator
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If you take a good look at the fuel gauge, you will notice that it actually shows you the side where the tank is located!

5. Holes in Pen Caps

Holes in Pen Caps
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These were actually made for your safety. You heard us! Statistics show that nearly 10,000 people die because of these nasty little caps. So yes, they have a purpose of preventing you from choking!

6. Seat Cover Hack

Seat Cover Hack
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They have a special part that's supposed to be placed at the front of the toilet seat, so it doesn't end up in the toilet bowl.

7. Heinz Hack

Heinz Hack
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Here's a nice tip for ketchup lovers: when trying to get the sauce out of the bottle, don't press the bottom of it but the middle area! This way it won't spatter all over the place!

8. What Are These Elevator Door Holes For?

What Are These Elevator Door Holes For?
Photo: topratedviral.com
No, they weren't meant for peeking into the elevator, but for authorized staff and for their safe entrance.

9. Hole in a Pan Handle

Hole in a Pan Handle
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Some pans have a wide hole in their handle which you could use for placing a spoon while waiting to stir up the meal again.

10. Juice Carton Hack

Juice Carton Hack
Photo: topratedviral.com
To avoid spilling, take the both sides of the juice box and pull them out. See, no mess!

11. Dental Floss Trick

Dental Floss Trick
Photo: topratedviral.com
Tie that dental floss you plan on using so you wouldn't have to move your fingers in strange directions.

12. Tiny Jeans Pocket Trick

Tiny Jeans Pocket Trick
Photo: topratedviral.com
In case you had no idea what these tiny jeans pockets were for, we have the answer! They were actually designed for storing a pocket watch that was so popular during the 1800s. Nowadays you could use it for placing pennies.

13. Chinese Food

Chinese Food
Photo: wikihow.com
Imagine this! You can use the packages of Chinese fast food as plates! Just unfold it to avoid a mess.

14. DIY Sauce Spoon

DIY Sauce Spoon
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If you are on the street and you're dying to eat that applesauce, don't worry! Just use the aluminum lid and make a spoon out of it!

15. Toblerone Chocolate Bars

Toblerone Chocolate Bars
Photo: topratedviral.com
This is how you actually eat a Toblerone! The manufacturers came up with this shape so you could easily split and eat it in smaller pieces.

16. Tic Tac Trick

Tic Tac Trick
Photo: topratedviral.com
We bet you've never noticed this strange thing on the lid of Tic Tac boxes? It is actually meant for taking out one Tic Tac at the time! Now seriously, who would want to eat only one Tic Tac?

17. Can Tabs

Can Tabs
Photo: topratedviral.com
You never knew this had a purpose, right? But yes, this tiny hole on the top of the can was created for holding the straw.

18. Beer Bottle Necks

Beer Bottle Necks
Photo: topratedviral.com
This was designed so you wouldn't have to hold the beer in such a way it transfers the heat of your body to the liquid. Who likes warm beer anyway?

19. Plunger Trick

Plunger Trick
Photo: topratedviral.com
Although we use it around the house all of the time, their original purpose is to unclog the sinks.
19 Ordinary Items Which You Can Use in a Whole Different Way
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