12 Things We Believe Are True Because of Movies

Posted on Oct 28, 2016

9. Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight
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You might like someone at first sight, that's for sure. But for love, you actually need to know the person.

10. Running Away

Running Away
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Those on foot chases can last for ages, and it looks really realistic because it's a life or death situation, right? Wrong! No matter how much adrenalin there is, you wouldn't be able to run to your max speed for so long.

11. Everyone Speaks English

Everyone Speaks English
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Wherever you go, people speak English in various accents to make sure that the people know they are in foreign land. Even if extraterrestrials came to Earth, they speak perfect English and communication is not a problem.

12. Brain Vs. Heart

Brain Vs. Heart
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So, if you are in a movie, it's much better to bet on the intuitive guy than on the brainiac. However, in real life, facts outweigh feelings in most cases. For example, people who tend to make decisions based on their gut and not overwhelming evidence end up less successful.
12 Things We Believe Are True Because of Movies
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