12 Things We Believe Are True Because of Movies

Posted on Oct 28, 2016

5. Lava

Photo: doc.babylonjs.com
If you fell into a pool of lava, you wouldn't go under and completely melt right away. You probably wouldn't go under to start with, because lava is very dense. So much, actually, that you could walk on it if it wasn't so hot.

6. Attitudes Then and Now

Attitudes Then and Now
Photo: that70sshow.wikia.com
Shows like "That 70s Show" and similar, tend to portray people from the past as if nowadays people just went several decades back in time. The truth is that conservatives from today are probably more liberal than liberals from the 1950s.

7. In Space Without Protection

In Space Without Protection
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People tend to believe that exposure to space without protection would make the body explode. That is not actually true. You'd die, that's for sure, but probably because there's no air for you to breathe. Also, it's super cold.

8. Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition
Photo: extremetech.com
Facial recognition programs wouldn't show you the faces as they are searching through the data because that would slow down the process a lot.
12 Things We Believe Are True Because of Movies
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