This Is How Rare Pennies Can Turn You Into a Millionaire (12 Pics + VIDEO)

Posted on May 30, 2016

Pennies and small coins have a really low value but did you know that some of them are quite rare? After reading this, you'll need to check your pockets because if you have one of these rare coins, you could turn into a millionaire!

1. Rare Pennies

Rare Pennies
There are few rare pennies that could be worth up to 1 million dollars. You need to pay attention and check if you have old family heirlooms or if you found an odd coin on the street. It could be worth a lot of money.

2. Why Are They so Valuable?

Why Are They so Valuable?
In most cases, the type of metal used for the coin can be highly desirable. Until the 1940s, coins were made out of copper. During WWII, the majority of copper resources were used to make shells. However, a series of rare coins was made.

3. Rare Copper Coins

Rare Copper Coins
In 1943, copper was used for only one series of coins. This was done by mistake, and only 40 coins were made in one factory. They are extremely rare today. Each one of them can be worth a million dollars!

4. Abraham Lincoln Portrait

Abraham Lincoln Portrait
These coins have the portrait of Abraham Lincoln on them. Steel coins covered with zinc were used to replace copper during WWII, but those copper coins are some of the rarest in the world.

5. 40 Lucky Ones

40 Lucky Ones
Only the lucky ones have one of these 40 coins, but they might not be aware of it. If you find one with the date and the portrait of Abe Lincoln, get ready to be a millionaire!

6. Steel vs Copper

Steel vs Copper
However, the steel coins are nearly identical. The only way to check is to use a magnet. The steel coin will stick to the magnet, but the copper coin will not.

7. Check for Yourself or See a Professional

Check for Yourself or See a Professional
If you are unsure after the magnet test, you should see a professional. Your coin could be worth a lot of money!

8. 1955 Pennies

1955 Pennies
Certain pennies that were made in 1955 are also valuable. At auctions, they can go for $25,000, so pay attention to them too.

9. The Three Legged Buffalo Coins

The Three Legged Buffalo Coins
These 5-cent coins were made in 1937. But their value today is $1,000, mostly based on their condition.

10. Coin Collecting Can Pay Off

Coin Collecting Can Pay Off
You don't need to be a professional coin collector to learn how to find rare pennies. Just remember the instructions and you could find a coin that is worth millions.

11. Check Your Change

Check Your Change
You should always check your coins because you could have gotten a rare one by mistake. You never know!

12. Good Luck!

Good Luck!
If your auction goes well, you could be rich!

13. See the Video Below for More Information

This Is How Rare Pennies Can Turn You Into a Millionaire (12 Pics + VIDEO)
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