These 14 Teachers Are Way More Awesome Than Their Students

Posted on May 24, 2016

Teaching is a hard profession that influences lives of many. That might be why these teachers decided to influence their students with pure awesomeness.

1. Movie References

Movie References
Teachers get bored too. They're only human, and they likely enjoy things that we do. Unless they're wizards, making you unable to pass that calculus.

2. Call Ahead

Call Ahead
Teacher's like to have their day carefully planned and scheduled, so they don't appreciate people barging in unappointed and will have you Christopher Walkout of their lounge.

3. Classy

This particular teacher has a method of giving old-fashioned ink and quill to students who either forget or "forget" their pens.

4. Bribe Menu

Bribe Menu
One would expect corrupt teachers to demand money for extra credit subtly, but this might be some brilliant gray zone.

5. The Pun Game

The Pun Game
The teacher that came up with such a pun was brilliant, but some of us can't but wonder what could the motivation be other than being awesome.

6. Failure at Brutality

Failure at Brutality
It may take an excellent teacher to show you how you've failed at practicing Satanism.

7. Yearbook Photos

Yearbook Photos
It takes an outstanding teacher to take the role of the class comedian in a yearbook photoshoot.

8. Up with the Trend

Up with the Trend
It doesn't take a brilliant mind to know about Justin Bieber or hate him, but putting his demise in a math equation just steps up the game.

9. Ridiculing Young Love

Ridiculing Young Love
No one should forget their notebook.

10. The Selfie Game

The Selfie Game
It took a combined effort of these teachers to win the selfie game using smartphones confiscated from their students.

11. Physics Assignment

Physics Assignment
Adding hilarious tasks in science assignments doesn't make it harder or easier for the students, but it does make it more enjoyable.

12. Ask Before Use

Ask Before Use
Mozart has been dead for centuries, and he's the only one who should be allowed to play any piano without asking, according to this cool teacher.

13. You Can't Fool Them

You Can't Fool Them
Being an inspiring teacher includes knowing the difference between student's vocabulary and that of their parents. You can't pass your assignments to your parents, kids!
These 14 Teachers Are Way More Awesome Than Their Students
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