20 of the Weirdest Town Names in the US

Posted on Oct 14, 2016

There are some silly names for towns out there, some sound rude, some just funny. So, in case you're traveling through the USA, you might want to visit some of these, just to take a photo next to a "Welcome to..." sign. Enjoy!

1. Accident, Maryland

Accident, Maryland
Photo: gossipkatta.com
Accident is a small town in Maryland and a person from this town is called an "Accidental," as stated in Paul Dickson's book "Labels for Locals."

2. Bald Head, Maine

Bald Head, Maine
Photo: en.wikipedia.org
Bald Head is located in Maine, right at the Atlantic ocean and there's a beautiful Bald Head Cliff there, as well.

3. Boring, Oregon

Boring, Oregon
Photo: evanandmari.wordpress.com
Boring is an unincorporated community in Oregon, and it was built on a former lava field. Now, that's not boring at all!

4. Chicken, Alaska

Chicken, Alaska
Photo: chickenalaska.com
Chicken is a town in Alaska that was founded on gold mining. To this day, it remains one of the few gold rush towns in this state.

5. Ding Dong, Texas

Ding Dong, Texas
Photo: en.wikipedia.org
Ding Dong has the status of an unincorporated community. It was named after Zulis Bell and Bert Bell hired Cohn Cohen Hoover, an artist, to make a sign for their store.

6. Dull, Ohio

Dull, Ohio
Photo: pinterest.com
This town was originally called McKee, but it was named after J. M. Dull in 1879.

7. Frankenstein, Missouri

Frankenstein, Missouri
Photo: imgur.com
This tiny town (it has only thirty inhabitants) is located 12 miles east of Jefferson City. It isn't named after Dr. Frankenstein, but after Gottfried Franken who donated his land for the church in 1890.

8. Handsome Eddy, New York

Handsome Eddy, New York
Photo: townmapsusa.com
Handsome Eddy is often found on the lists of weird town names and how could it not? It is a hamlet in the state of New York.

9. Jackpot, Nevada

Jackpot, Nevada
Photo: imgur.com
If you're going to Nevada, you'd expect a jackpot in Las Vegas, however, there's a town by that name! It's located near the Idaho border, so it's been a popular gambling destination for people from the neighbor state.

10. Little Canada, Minnesota

Little Canada, Minnesota
Photo: ci.little-canada.mn.us
It's not just the name of this city that suggests Canadian influence, it's symbol is a red Maple leaf with LC initials and there's a Canadian flag in the council chambers.

11. Mormon Bar, California

Mormon Bar, California
Photo: calisphere.org
It's a ghost town now, but it's been a settlement during the California gold rush. Mormon Battalion was the first that mined there in 1849.

12. Mosquitoville, Vermont

Mosquitoville, Vermont
Photo: pinterest.com
Mosquitoville is a location of the town Barnet in Vermont.

13. Okay, Oklahoma

Okay, Oklahoma
Photo: ktul.com
Everything is okay in Oklahoma judging by the name of this town. It was named after the OK Truck Manufacturing Company.

14. Parachute, Colorado

Parachute, Colorado
Photo: colorado.com
In case you wanted to jump from a plane, maybe do it in Parachute, Colorado. This town was a home to Willard Libby, who later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1960.

15. Pie Town, New Mexico

Pie Town, New Mexico
Photo: sweets.seriouseats.com
There was a bakery that made dried-apple pies and people loved it, so that's how this town got its name.

16. Pig, Kentucky

Pig, Kentucky
Photo: tripadvisor.com
There was a dispute on how to name the town and after one resident said he saw a hog on the road, they all agreed on the name Pig.

17. Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus, Indiana
Photo: picscristmas.com
The town was known as Santa Fe in 1854 when it was established, however, when they wanted to establish a post office in 1856, they were rejected as Santa Fe already existed, so they decided on the name Santa Claus.

18. Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts

Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts
Photo: imgur.com
There are three places with that name, in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont. The one in Massachusetts got its name because of the rough terrain and wildlife.

19. Scratch Ankle, Alabama

Scratch Ankle, Alabama
Photo: trip-suggest.com
Train workers were often seeing locals scratching their ankles because of all the mosquito bites, and that's how the town got the name.

20. Waterproof, Louisiana

Waterproof, Louisiana
Photo: en.wikipedia.org
The area of this town was often under water and one of the early settlers, Abner Smalley, stood on a part of dry land waiting on a steamboat. When the captain saw him, he said: "Well Abner, I see you're waterproof!" and that's the origin of this town's bizarre name.
20 of the Weirdest Town Names in the US
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