12 Common Laws You Break Every Day

Posted on May 12, 2016

You never knew that you were breaking these laws on a daily basis. But everyone breaks them and that pretty much makes us criminals. Check them out.

1. Stealing Wi-Fi

Stealing Wi-Fi
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Logging on to someone else's Wi-Fi network is considered illegal. In the States, you can get arrested for connecting to an open network without the owner's permission.

2. Singing Happy Birthday

Singing Happy Birthday
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You've sung Happy Birthday in public millions of times, but you never knew that you were breaking the law. The song is copyrighted and performing it in public is strictly forbidden.

3. Piracy on the Internet

Piracy on the Internet
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Arrr! This one's tricky because sharing copyrighted files is illegal. Millions of people download torrents every day, but they don't get caught. In some countries, you could get fined with up to $1,000.

4. Jaywalking

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In America, jaywalking laws are incredibly strict. In fact, you could get a criminal record if you get caught. It's very unsafe too, and there are many accidents each year.
12 Common Laws You Break Every Day
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