This Awesome Chicago Office Allows Its Employees to Ride Bicycles Indoors (12 Pics)

Posted on May 18, 2016

Today's companies are doing more and more for the health of their employees. They are contributing towards an inspiring and a creative environment. This company really stepped out of the box when they provided indoor bike lanes for their workers.

1. Employees Come First

Employees Come First
The SRAM company is really looking after its employees. The Chicago bike manufacturer wanted to create the most desirable working environment. Today, their main office looks more like a relaxing spa than a lifeless space filled with cubicles.

2. The Size

The Size
The company assigned a design firm to decorate the 72,000 square foot office. They had an interesting idea. The office was decorated with bike lanes, gear, shelves, and other bike-friendly equipment.

3. Fun at Work

Fun at Work
SRAM believes that their idea will change the work environment and the whole concept of labor. Going to work is supposed to be fun. They want to eliminate boredom and stress that can develop in a typical office environment.

4. The First Steps

The First Steps
It took almost three years to finish the project. It consisted of the renovation and adaptation of the old building.

5. Implementing the Idea

Implementing the Idea
This was not an easy task. The bike lanes had to be marked and separated from those who had to walk. Either way, it was an interesting first step for everyone.

6. Bike Lanes and Pedestrians

Bike Lanes and Pedestrians
The tracks were created to look like typical Chicago bike lanes. But the cyclists were advised to ride slowly and to watch out for pedestrians. This posed a health threat, but the designers worked it out in the end.

7. Work and Fun Combined

Work and Fun Combined
By being the first to do this, this bicycle-friendly office has combined work and fun.

8. Saving the Environment

Saving the Environment
The company also wanted to decrease gas emissions produced by vehicles. Their method could contribute to saving the environment.

9. A Healthy Worker Is a Happy Worker

A Healthy Worker Is a Happy Worker
But the key aspects of this concept are the health benefits. Healthy workers are happy, and health contributes to greater productivity. It's simple as that.

10. Everything Fits in Flawlessly

Everything Fits in Flawlessly
The offices are carefully arranged so that the workers can cycle to their desks effortlessly.

11. The Necessary Requirements

The Necessary Requirements
The worker is required to change shoes and clothes after cycling outdoors.

12. Bike Workshop

Bike Workshop
There is a bike workshop inside of the office! They are equipped with all the tools, spare parts, and a good bike repairman who will ensure that their bikes are in the best condition for free. What an incredible office!
This Awesome Chicago Office Allows Its Employees to Ride Bicycles Indoors (12 Pics)
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