25 People Who Experienced Paranormal Encounters and Nobody Believed Them

Posted on May 09, 2016

Has something strange ever happened to you that you couldn't explain? These people experienced the most unusual things, yet no one believed them. Here are 25 creepy testimonies of paranormal encounters.

1. The Green Eyed Doll

The Green Eyed Doll
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"When I was around 4, I had a Barbie doll that I loved to play with and take with to bed. I remember carrying it around with me everywhere. One night, I’m turning over to go to bed, and I see that my doll’s eyes are glowing green. I freak out, and drop the doll, and it rolls underneath my bed. I go to sleep after that. The next morning, I wake up, check underneath the bed for my doll…and it’s not there. I can’t find it anywhere. I never saw that doll again. The older I get the freakier I realize that was. Younger me just wrote it off as a loss. I had cartoons to watch, cereal to stuff my face with."

2. Car Accident Déjà Vu

Car Accident Déjà Vu
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"Went to a movie and the projector broke. Me and my friends left and I had a flash of a car accident in my brain. I told them jokingly. 10 minutes later we were T-boned by a drunk driver. Still barely believe it myself. But it is true."

3. The Black Van

The Black Van
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"I once had a dream in 4th grade that I woke up from bed, got dressed, and continued on with my day in the dream, and then saw a black van zooming towards me and then I woke up. Same exact small events happen in the real day, and a black van zooms past me right as I was going to cross the street. This affected me throughout the 4th grade, and I barely talked to anyone. I was too amazed and horrified about the theory that I just died and “respawned” like in a video game. I still freak out when I think about it."

4. Brainy Baby Activity Toy

Brainy Baby Activity Toy
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"My son had one of those Brainy Baby activity toy things. It started making noises when no one was touching it i just figured the batteries were going. One night I was up late and it starts doing its thing making noises and whatnot. I thought it was kind of funny if i said something to my husband the toy seemed to respond. The thing was designed that after a period of inactivity it would say where did you go and turn off. That night it said 'Where did you go?' so we freaked and threw it away."

5. Grandmother at the Window

Grandmother at the Window
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"This wasn’t me, but my little sister (who would have been around 4-5 at the time) tells my parents she saw my great-grandmother in our living room window while we are playing outside. Not until later that night do my parents find out that she had passed away earlier that day."
25 People Who Experienced Paranormal Encounters and Nobody Believed Them
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