These 20 Simple Life Hacks Will Transform Your Life

Posted on Apr 28, 2016

Over the last couple of years, many life hacks have been posted online and frankly, some of them don't quite work the way they should. We've collected some of the tried-and-true life hacks that will definitely work.

These simple tricks will make your life so much easier! They are so easy and yet, you never knew that they could be so useful. Check them out!

1. How to Cook 2 Pizzas at Once

How to Cook 2 Pizzas at Once
Cut them in half like this before they go in the oven. You won't have to worry about cooking 2 pizzas separately ever again.

2. Stay Cool

Stay Cool
Place an egg carton under your laptop to keep it from overheating.

3. Sock Phone Holder While Running

Sock Phone Holder While Running
Cut off the top of a sock, stick your arm through it and roll the sock up to get an inexpensive phone holder. This is ideal for running or walking activities.

4. Clothes Hanger

Clothes Hanger
You can use the pins from a plastic clothes hanger to seal snack bags. This will keep them fresh.

5. Small Sink? No Problem

Small Sink? No Problem
Use a dustpan or a plastic bottle to direct the flow of water from your faucet to a larger container.

6. Use the Oven Rack to Cook Eggs

Use the Oven Rack to Cook Eggs
In 15 minutes, you'll have as many cooked eggs as you need!

7. Plant Seeds in Toilet Paper Rolls

Plant Seeds in Toilet Paper Rolls
Shape the cardboard from a used toilet paper roll into a pot and grow as many seeds as you like.

8. Kitty Litter?

Kitty Litter?
Kitty litter can absorb moisture. Try filling a sock with it and placing it in your car. It will absorb steam and moisture.

9. Cool Down Drinks Instantly

Cool Down Drinks Instantly
Try out this amazing hack!

10. Get Rid of the Mess

Get Rid of the Mess
You won't ever have to worry about water spilling over your pots again!

11. Tennis Ball Hack

Tennis Ball Hack
If you cut a tennis ball like this, you can insert almost anything in the hole, and it won't fall out. You can glue them onto walls and use them as key, pen, letter, or towel holders.

12. Unlock Shopping Carts

Unlock Shopping Carts
You don't need coins for this, just insert the opposite side of your key into the lock!

13. Instant Picture Hanger

Instant Picture Hanger
Use a pop tab to make an inexpensive photo hanger.

14. Car Protection

Car Protection
This genius hack will keep your car safe.

15. Microwave 2 Things at Once

Microwave 2 Things at Once
Prop up the second bowl onto a glass in your microwave and you can easily microwave 2 things at once.

16. Open Jars Like a Pro

Open Jars Like a Pro
If the lid is stuck, bend it with a spoon. It will let the air in, and the lid will pop off easily.

17. Instant Speaker Hack

Instant Speaker Hack
Cut a plastic cup in half and place the halves like this onto your laptop. The sound will be much louder and more focused since the cups will direct it towards you.

18. Key Identification

Key Identification
You won't have to buy fancy key rings ever again. These are extremely cute.

19. Reuse the Crib

Reuse the Crib
Your children will outgrow their new desks pretty quickly. Why not recycle the old crib and save some money?

20. The Ultimate Candle Hack

The Ultimate Candle Hack
You'll never burn your fingers again!
These 20 Simple Life Hacks Will Transform Your Life
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