11 Quick and Easy Pool Noodle Hacks to Improve and Decorate Your Home

Posted on Jun 16, 2016

Not having a pool of your own should not stop you from buying pool noodles. If you think these noodles are only a pool toy, you're wrong! Check out how these long foam sticks can improve your home in minutes!

1. A Beautiful Garland

A Beautiful Garland
Photo: creativehouseblog.com
Just bend the noodle, tape the ends together, and cover it with a piece of burlap to make a lovely garland wreath. It is really lightweight, and you can hang it on every door you want. It looks beautiful!

2. Draft-Blocking Noodle

Draft-Blocking Noodle
Photo: forestriverforums.com
Cut a noodle in half and put it inside some stockings, for example. Leave the middle part loose and slide it onto the bottom of the door. It's a great way to stop the winter breeze from getting inside the room.

3. Clothes Hanger

Clothes Hanger
Photo: pinterest.com
Avoid wrinkles on your clothes by hanging them onto a pool noodle. Just use a regular clothes hanger and wrap the pool noodle around it.

4. Easy Doorstop

Easy Doorstop
Photo: otterfeed.com
Take a 10-inch pool noodle and cut it lengthwise, but not all the way, just to the circle in the center. Put it on your door and there'll be no more door-slamming!

5. Stop Your Kids from Falling Off a Bed

Stop Your Kids from Falling Off a Bed
Photo: lifehacker.com
Put the noodle underneath the bed sheet and leave it on the edge. That'll stop the toddlers from falling off.

6. Parking Safety

Parking Safety
Photo: lifehacker.com
If you worry about scratching your car door against a wall in your garage, there's a solution. Simply cut the pool noodle in half and bolt it to a wall.

7. Trampoline Springs Protection

Trampoline Springs Protection
Photo: organizedchaosonline.com
Cover the springs on the edge of a trampoline with some pool noodles to make sure no one gets hurt by jumping on the metal. Also, it looks awesome!

8. Fill a Water Container

Fill a Water Container
Photo: buzzypanda.com
Here's an easier way to fill up a bucket (or other water containers) if your sink is too small. Make a hose that'll guide the water from the faucet to the bucket.

9. Keep Your Boots in Shape

Keep Your Boots in Shape
Photo: randomenthusiasm.com
Put the pool noodles inside your boots and the noodles will keep them in shape. Also, this is a great way to stop them from falling over.

10. Make a Castle for Your Kids

Make a Castle for Your Kids
Photo: imgur.com
This one requires a little more work, but it's worth it. Tape the pool noodles together like this, cover them with plain white (or any other color, of course) sheets and voila! Your children will enjoy this fantastic home-made fort.

11. Floor Squeegee

Floor Squeegee
Photo: indulgy.com
Turn a regular gardening rake into a squeegee by adding a pool noodle to the top. You can always take it off and use the rake again!
11 Quick and Easy Pool Noodle Hacks to Improve and Decorate Your Home
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