11 Controversial Celebrity Photos That Blew up the Internet

Posted on Sep 02, 2016

In the era of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram any person can get attention, especially women! Well, the same thing happens with celebrity women who keep drawing attention with their provocative appearance on social media with controversial photos.

1. Taylor Swift – Flowers From Kanye

Taylor Swift – Flowers From Kanye
Photo: i1.wp.com
Taylor Swift was predicted to become one of the greatest stars on the planet! And then, Kanye West showed some disagreement about her being awarded. Then in 2015, he sent her a wonderful flower arrangement. She posted this photo on Instagram and wrote: “Awwww, Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!!” So in the end, everything turned out to be just fine!

2. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande
Photo: sonhosdecrepom.com.br
When she was 13, Ariana starred in a Broadway musical before the Nickelodeon show Victorious back in 2009 when she started to spread her glow. Then she also started posting photos of her adult self. The picture that literally shook the Internet was when she licked a donut and returned it to a counter at a bakery. A while later, she stated, “I hate America.” How can the American internet community forgive her?

3. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens
Photo: imgur.com
Vanessa Hudgens was famous for High School Musical. But, as she grew older, she wanted to leave Disney productions and find something more attractive for her. She even broke up with Zac Efron, with whom she even worked together. That's when naked photos of her started to appear on her profiles, and that happened 4 times in 7 years.

4. Britney Spears

Britney Spears
Photo: imgur.com
Back in her times, Britney was a major attraction. Extremely talented, cute and charismatic she was on the top of the world! And then, she shaved her head and everything went downhill. She was haunted by paparazzi and once she exited a car and they got a photo of her private parts. This photo blew up the internet!
11 Controversial Celebrity Photos That Blew up the Internet
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