This Conspiracy Theory Claims Eminem Has Been Dead for Years

Posted on Jun 13, 2016

Another conspiracy theory has emerged from the depths of the internet, suggesting that Marshall Mathers III, better known as Eminem and Slim Shady, has been dead for more than a decade. Here are the details of the theory.

1. The Theory

The Theory
According to the theory, Eminem died from a substance overdose in 2006 and was replaced by a look-alike to keep the big money flowing towards the music industry.

2. Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse
Eminem had developed an addiction to sleeping pills over the years and went to rehab in 2005. The following year, his friend Proof died. Eminem released two albums years after those events, but he looked significantly younger than before. What happened?

3. A Change in Style

A Change in Style
Eminem used to be a rapper whose clothing style put more emphasis on the hip hop way of life, but in the last few years, his style became a lot darker.

4. Facial Changes

Facial Changes
Around 2012, an anonymous person compiled numerous images of Slim Shady's face to check if they show the same person. The theorist determined that Eminem was probably replaced with an android.

5. Evidence on YouTube

Evidence on YouTube
The theorist posted his findings on Youtube, where they received publicity. 2 million people were curious to see what his research was going to say next. Unfortunately, the original channel was flagged for violating the DMCA.

6. Eminem's Lyrics

Eminem's Lyrics
However, the theorist had received support from people who gathered evidence from Eminem's lyrics. The evidence showed significant changes in his lyrics way earlier than 2006, leading the researcher to believe that Eminem had been replaced in 1999.

7. The Themes

The Themes
Eminem's principal theme used to be about the love for his daughters and the bad relationship with his mother. He also sang about how he sold his soul to the devil, while his more recent themes included murdering people. The change was big, even for a shock rapper.

8. Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings
The devil mentioned in his earlier songs might have been the foreshadowing of his cloning, as his friend Proof's part in the song Fall Back said: "The Devil’s in the next room, Guess who sparks life out test tubes, Special delivery clone vessels."

9. Another Twist

Another Twist
Because of his proof, the theorist faced another issue of finding out exactly when Eminem died. He claims that Eminem had a lot of unreleased material and that it was published after his death. The material made it seem like the real Eminem was singing. The exact year of death is likely to remain unknown.

10. Pictures of the Android, Clone, or Doppelganger?

Pictures of the Android, Clone, or Doppelganger?
The researcher has compiled over 50 pictures of the current "Eminem", which indicate that he isn't the same person we've come to love since the year 1999. He has been replaced by an impostor - either an android, a clone or merely a doppelganger who was highly paid.

11. References from Other Sources

References from Other Sources
Another implication of Eminem's death comes from another rapper by the name of Canibus. His song, Dead by Design, contains lyrics that could be the proof: "You scream for hardcore, I felt it, But what you gon’ do when they kill me on some Eminem?"

12. The "Real" Slim Shady

The "Real" Slim Shady
Eminem's songbook and early recordings were probably confiscated by the people who replaced him and re-recorded into complete songs so one would get suspicious. Well, according to this theory, they were wrong.

13. Ear Structure and Other Physical Evidence

Ear Structure and Other Physical Evidence
Many people will be skeptical of this theory. However, they need yet to prove that a person's ear shape changes over years. Here is a hint - it doesn't. Also, the theorist claims that his hair, bone structure, and frozen gaze are the definitive evidence. Eminem has been killed and replaced and all of us have been fooled.

14. Watch the Following Video to See for More Speculation on Eminem's Death:

15. Watch the Following Video to See for More Info on This Theory:

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This Conspiracy Theory Claims Eminem Has Been Dead for Years
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