11 Then and Now Pics of the "Charmed" Cast Almost 20 Years after the First Episode

Posted on Nov 24, 2016

Remember Charmed? It was such a cool show, full of magic, action, drama, and loveable characters. We wept when the show was finished in 2006 and a lot of time has passed since then. The show first aired in 1998 and it lasted for eight seasons, so we got to see how the beautiful actresses, actors, and their characters changed over the years.

Which character was your favorite? Mine was Paige, portrayed by Rose McGowan! You'll be stunned to see how the stars of Charmed look now, nearly 20 years after the first episode.

1. A Classic Beauty

A Classic Beauty
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Holly Marie Combs who portrayed the beloved character of Piper Halliwell has been leading a more private life since the end of the series.

She is 43 now and she's looking good! Her most recent role was in Pretty Little Liars and she played Ella Montgomery from 2010 to 2017.

2. Timeless Foxy Lady

Timeless Foxy Lady
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It seems that the years have left no mark on the beautiful Alyssa Milano AKA Phoebe Halliwell.

Alyssa played Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed, she was on Project Runway and recently, she has been raising her two kids with her husband in New Jersey. Alyssa is 44 years old now.

3. A Fighter to Her Core

A Fighter to Her Core
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Shannen Doherty was famous before Charmed for her roles in Heather and Beverly Hills, 90210.

Since 2015, she has been battling cancer, and everyone was rooting for her. In 2017, the 46-year-old actress confirmed that her condition is in remission.

4. A Bombshell with a Bit of Sassiness

A Bombshell with a Bit of Sassiness
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Rose McGowan who brought to life the character of Paige Matthews is still one feisty lady on-screen as well as in real life. She dated Marilyn Manson, starred in music videos and video games.

She is 43 years old today and she has a new movie coming out called Lower Bay.

5. The Last One to Join the Magical Team

The Last One to Join the Magical Team
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Her character was called Billie and even though you might not remember her for her role in Charmed, she is really famous today.

Kaley Cuoco's fame skyrocketed she got her role in the famous series The Big Bang Theory as the adorable and funny Penny. She is 31 today.

6. Once a Charmer Always a Charmer

Once a Charmer Always a Charmer
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Brian Krause AKA Leo Wyatt still looks amazing even though he is nearing his 50th birthday.

His career started way back in 1991, and more recently, he has had guest roles on CSI and Mad Men. Originally, he auditioned to play Andy, the police inspector and Darryl's partner in Charmed.

7. The Villain with a Soft Spot

The Villain with a Soft Spot
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Cole Turner who was portrayed by Julian McMahon hasn't changed much over the course of two decades, and his career was also boosted by the role he got on the popular show Nip/Tuck. Julian is from Australia but has been living in California for a long time.

8. Model Turned Actor

Model Turned Actor
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One of the younger members of the cast, Drew Fuller AKA Chris continued to work in the industry on smaller TV and movie roles but remained most famous for his role in the Charmed series.

He is 37 now but he looks like he hasn't aged a day!

9. The Absolute Alpha

The Absolute Alpha
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Jason Lewis, who played Dex Lawson on the show will soon celebrate his 46th birthday. But he still looks smashing!

Even though he stopped modeling, he still appears on the big screen. He has two new movies coming up in 2017.

10. Hello, Mr. Inspector

Hello, Mr. Inspector
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Ted King who played Andy Trudeau is 51 today and is still active in acting.

He has appeared as a guest star on many famous shows such as NCIS, Prison Break, and CSI: Miami, Law & Order, Frasier, and many others.

11. Lieutenant Morris on the Double

Lieutenant Morris on the Double
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The loveable Dorian Gregory whose character on the show was called Darryl Morris has turned 46 this year.

He was the final host of the legendary Soul Train music show. He has been doing a lot of charity work for troubled youth with the LA Police Department. Dorian has diabetes, and he holds motivational speeches to young people.
11 Then and Now Pics of the "Charmed" Cast Almost 20 Years after the First Episode
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