12 Obscure and Awesome Facts About Paul Walker

Posted on Aug 11, 2016

It's been awhile since we've lost Paul Walker, but he still lives in our memories.

Paul Walker was very young when he passed away in a car accident, and this year will mark the fourth anniversary of his death on the 30th of November in 2013. We will always remember Paul Walker for his love of beautiful cars and for his role in the movie franchise 'The Fast and the Furious.' The first movie was released in 2001 and it made him incredibly famous.

Here are some unknown facts about Paul Walker that will totally change your perception of him. Take a look.

1. Paul Died Too Young

Paul Died Too Young
Paul Walker was an actor idolized by many but he lost his life too soon, and the world was left in shock. He died at the age of 40 when his Porsche Carrera GT crashed on the road. Paul wasn't driving, his friend, Roger Rodas, was behind the wheel.

According to the police, Rodas lost control of the car at a popular area for drag racing and drifting.

However, they concluded that no racing was involved, but they revealed that the Porsche was going way above the speed limit and that the tires couldn't handle the pressure.
12 Obscure and Awesome Facts About Paul Walker
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