25 Celebrities with Awesome Siblings

Posted on Mar 22, 2016

We can dig up interesting facts about our favorite celebrities, about their careers, and their daily life, but the thing that we rarely hear a lot about are their families. Here are some pictures of celebrities with their siblings that truly show what their bond is like.

However, we are not talking about people like Kendall and Kylie or Beyonce and Solange, this collection will show you the siblings that rarely step into the spotlight. In fact, you probably never knew about them, but some of these celebrity brothers and sisters are such hotties, they'll definitely make you drool a little.

1. Ben and Blaine

Ben and Blaine
Jennifer Lawrence was probably preparing for her Hunger Games role since she was a kid, fighting and playing with her two bros.

2. Shannon Leto

Shannon Leto
Shannon Leto and Jared have a special bond because they started their music career together.

They formed Thirty Seconds to Mars together, before Jared started his acting career. Shannen is actually Jared's older brother.

3. Lynda Lopez

Lynda Lopez
Why is Lynda not famous like J. Lo? She is Jennifer's younger sister, and she is gorgeous! Lynda works as a journalist.

4. Brandi Cyrus

Brandi Cyrus
Brandi is Miley's big sister, and she certainly acts like it.

5. Matt Smith's Sister Laura Enjoys Her 15 Minutes of Fame

Matt Smith's Sister Laura Enjoys Her 15 Minutes of Fame
She is totally pulling off that red carpet look!
25 Celebrities with Awesome Siblings
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