Are Drake and Eminem Finally Going to Have a Rap Battle? (10 Pics)

Posted on Aug 17, 2016

There's news going around that Drake wants to have a rap battle with Eminem. Check out the story to read about their feud and rumors about the battle. If it happens, it could be totally epic!

1. What's the News?

What's the News?
Ebro Darden talked on his Hot 97 radio show about his conversation with Drake. They talked about Eminem and Joe Budden.

2. What Did Darden Say?

What Did Darden Say?
"We talked about Joe Budden. He was laughing."

3. What Did Drake Say to Darden?

What Did Drake Say to Darden?
Darden explains: "He was like, 'I gave him a little look... That's why Joe ain't put out the DMs. He keeps threatening he's gonna put out DMs, where I DM'ed him... The reason he ain't put them out was because I DM'ed him and said, 'I hope you get well in this tough time, aka you out here strung out on something.' So he ain't put that out.'"

4. And What About Eminem?

And What About Eminem?
Darden also said: "I told Drake that the rumor was that Eminem was gonna gear up to come after him. He laughed."

5. More About Eminem

More About Eminem
Darden continued: "He was like, 'That's not gonna happen. He'd never do that and if he did, I've got something for him too.' That was a private convo... That's what he said."

6. The Eminem Diss

The Eminem Diss
Rumors about Eminem dissing Drake are still just that, rumors, as it wasn't confirmed.

7. The Origin of the Feud

The Origin of the Feud
Some say it started when Eminem signed Budden to his record label, Shady Records.

8. What's That Got to Do with Drake?

What's That Got to Do with Drake?
Well, Budden criticized Drake's album Views on a podcast, and Drake in return threw in a few mentions on stage as well as some direct messages on social media. Budden even released four "diss" songs but no-one really cared, not even Drake.

9. Eminem Getting Involved

Eminem Getting Involved
This is where we go back to Darden. He was the first to mention Eminem's involvement in this fight.

10. The Resolution

The Resolution
Ebro ended up admitting he was just messing with everyone. Who would have thought, right? In any case, a rap battle between these guys would have been a spectacle.
Are Drake and Eminem Finally Going to Have a Rap Battle? (10 Pics)
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