Artist Shows 14 Hilarious Everyday Moments That Define a Relationship

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

'Our Super Adventure' is a viral comic that illustrates the special, everyday moments in a relationship based on the author's personal experiences.

In her drawings, Sarah Graley shared her most adorable relationship moments with the world. She recreated all the hilarious situations that she, her four cats, and her “cat-like boy” experience every day.

No matter how silly these moments might look, they will make you melt, and if you can relate to them, it means that you have found true love. Enjoy!

1. Delete it ASAP!

Delete it ASAP!
She tried to surprise him, but he trolled her back! Any couple will relate to this hilarious situation.

2. When You Have Pizza Without Your Boyfriend

When You Have Pizza Without Your Boyfriend
My boyfriend is always jealous when I eat something special without him and I'm starting to think all guys are like that!

3. Love Defeats All Obstacles

Love Defeats All Obstacles
Guys, when your girl is mad, this trick will work almost always.

4. All the Bed

All the Bed
I think I definitely do this way too often when my boyfriend leaves the bed.

5. Wah-Wah

If you're in a relationship, these funny moments will stay with you forever.

6. If You Had Two Heads

If You Had Two Heads
When you're trying to be all cute but your boyfriend destroys your dreams. Adorable!

7. Keeping It a Secret

Keeping It a Secret
It's funny how he remembers everything, even this situation. But yes, she has a point.

8. Fluffy Dog

Fluffy Dog
Every time he drives, he gets a mini heart attack because she sees dogs and cool dresses on the street and starts screaming.

9. Hugs Are Only for the Winners

Hugs Are Only for the Winners
Losers never get hugs. This could be a cool motivational thing to do if you're a couple.

10. So Awkward...

So Awkward...
You know how you sometimes do weird stuff in private when people aren't around? Well, all of that changes in a relationship.

11. Shuffling All Night Long

Shuffling All Night Long
Not bad, not bad... I think I'll use this as a good excuse when it takes me ages to get comfortable.

12. One Side of the Bed

One Side of the Bed
And not only that, but she ate all of them. This is going to be a rough night...

13. Favorite Cat Test

Favorite Cat Test
Best test ever? On the other hand, I would love to have all those cats around me in bed, that would be too comfortable!

14. Dumb Backpack

Dumb Backpack
'That's my idiot' was probably my favorite line in all of these comics. Which one did you like the most?
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Artist Shows 14 Hilarious Everyday Moments That Define a Relationship
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