These Foods Are Toxic for Your Dog

Posted on Mar 23, 2016

Dog owners should be more careful about what they're using to feed their favorite pet. These are the common foods that you'll be able to eat with no problems, in fact, they might even be very nutritious for you, but feeding your dog with these is incredibly toxic.

1. Your Dog's Metabolism

Your Dog's Metabolism
Dogs have very different rates of metabolism compared to humans. That's why nibbling on common fruits and veggies can harm them. It's no secret that they shouldn't eat processed sugar and food that is unhealthy for humans. But you probably didn't know that many things from your kitchen can cause them severe health problems, for example, spices. So, the next time your favorite pet looks at you with those puppy dog eyes while you're having dinner, be strict and do not give them these foods.
These Foods Are Toxic for Your Dog
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