If Your Pet Holds Its Head Against a Wall, It Can Be a Warning of a Serious Illness (10 Pics)

Posted on Jun 09, 2016

Did you notice any strange behavior with your pets like pressing their heads against a wall? It seems really cute, but it could mean that your pets have a big problem.

1. Pets Acting Strange

Pets Acting Strange
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Your pets make you laugh all the time, especially when they're silly, and when they press their heads up against a wall, right? Well, this can be a sign of something serious, and you may need to solve the problem. If you don't, it could become fatal.

2. Communication

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When pets do this, it means they want to communicate and show you that there's an issue. Take these symptoms very seriously. Don't ignore the warnings!

3. Warning Sign

Warning Sign
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Even though it seems innocent, "head pressing" can be a major problem. Pets can hold their heads against a wall for a prolonged period of time as if they were on a "time out." But they are trying to tell you something!

4. Causes

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There are many reasons why pets do this. The causes are head trauma, metabolism disorders, or possibly even a tumor. So take this very seriously, as it can be a matter of life and death for your beloved pets.

5. Take Them to a Veterinarian

Take Them to a Veterinarian
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The most important thing to do in this situation is to take your pet to a clinic and discuss the matter with an expert. This problem usually won't solve itself, and a medical examination is essential.

6. Diagnosis

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The veterinarian needs to do a series of tests to determine what's wrong, which include a retina exam, blood pressure tests, etc. Since there's more than one disease that can cause this, testing is the only way to find out.

7. Treatment

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Depending on the diagnosis, the treatment may have to be immediate. Your pets can be hospitalized, and medications or other therapies may be required.

8. Do Not Confuse It with Headbutting

Do Not Confuse It with Headbutting
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Try not to confuse "head pressing" with headbutting. The latter is a completely different thing, and that's usually a way for your pet to express love. They do it by rubbing their head against your body.

9. Other Strange Behavior

Other Strange Behavior
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Standing in corners, walking around in circles, slow reflexes, blank staring, and similar symptoms also be a sign that something is wrong. Watch out for them!

10. Take This Problem Seriously

Take This Problem Seriously
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React immediately and save their lives!
If Your Pet Holds Its Head Against a Wall, It Can Be a Warning of a Serious Illness (10 Pics)
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