These 12 Animals Seem to Think They're on Album Covers and It's Hilarious

Posted on Mar 10, 2017

What would it be like if animals were in bands and had their own musical album covers? Here are some epic and hilarious animal album covers that totally deserve a Grammy.

1. Penguins Against the Machine

Penguins Against the Machine
"Our music is meant to bring awareness and criticism against this rotten system."

2. Neighsayer

This Australian indietronica duo, like their hairstyles, takes their inspiration from the 80's.

3. Kong the Rapper

Kong the Rapper
This rapper exposed the recent hardships that struck him on the streets of the African jungle through magnificent lyrics and dark beats in his incredible concept album.

4. Meowpocalyptica

This Swedish power metal band has been touring for years, and their new album is considered to be much more catty than anything they've done before.

5. Bird-Tang Clan

Bird-Tang Clan
They're spreading their wings again with a new frontman, Cornie Crumbz.

6. Oscar the Dog

Oscar the Dog
This young and moody singer/songwriter released a new album under the title "Reflections."

7. Broken Barnyard Boys

Broken Barnyard Boys
These country legends released a new concept album called 'Coming Home' and it's filled with melancholic tunes about the heartland.

8. The Kaynines

The Kaynines
"Barking on the Dance Floor" found its way to the top of the charts last week. The girls already announced their 60's inspired LP that will be out next year.

9. Jack Hopper

Jack Hopper
All the ladies were excited when macho pop sensation Jack Hopper dropped his latest album, "This is How I Hop."

10. Hate No More

Hate No More
This rock band comes from Seattle, and their grunge tunes about the hard knock life of cats and dogs will blow your mind.

11. Bamboo Bros

Bamboo Bros
This boy band from China is one of a kind, and they're one of the most promising acts of the year. Their new album, 'Pandamonium,' is expected to reach the top of the charts as soon as it gets released.

12. This Opera Singer's Debut Solo Album

This Opera Singer's Debut Solo Album
In an interview with the author, the female singer said that "Sounds of Wilderness" will be the most memorable album this year.
These 12 Animals Seem to Think They're on Album Covers and It's Hilarious
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