Here's How 12 Famous Dog Breeds Changed in 100 Years

Posted on May 29, 2017

Over the past century, dogs have been raised and cross-bred, and all of that resulted in some extraordinary deviations. However, we never wonder about the way dogs have changed over time because we're too focused on petting our adorable little buddies. But how have those changes affected them?

Many of these changes have not only affected their looks but also, their characteristics, behavior, and in some cases, their health. In fact, some dog breeds have developed many health issues over time because of crossbreeding.

Let's take a look at some famous dog breeds and see how they have changed over the past century.

1. St. Bernard after 100 Years

St. Bernard after 100 Years
St. Bernards are dogs which accompanied Roman soldiers in the past. In more recent years, they gained a reputation as excellent rescue dogs.

After 100 years, their fur changed and it got much thicker and bushier. Their heads have also gotten wider, and the angle between their forehead and their snout has changed.
Here's How 12 Famous Dog Breeds Changed in 100 Years
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