These 17 Stories Prove We Shouldn't Underestimate the Intelligence of Animals

Posted on Nov 22, 2016

These stories will prove that animals and humans have more traits in common than most of us would presume! The witty anecdotes in the form of anonymous online confessions of pet owners will amuse and awe you, and you probably won't look at your furry (or feathery) friends in the same way ever again. You will definitely develop a newfound respect for all animals and all the genius things that they can do.

1. Freedom Seeking Stud

Freedom Seeking Stud
The horse from this story was a force to be reckoned with! He was so smart, he mastered how to open all the gates. A special lock had to be added to the bottom of the door to prevent him from getting out. One time, somebody forgot to lock it, and the horse freed himself along with the rest of the horses in the stables!

2. A Really Hungry Corgi

A Really Hungry Corgi
There was a Corgi dog that always stole food from a smaller Chihuahua it lived with. To balance their meals, the owners started putting the smaller dog's food on top of a table which the Corgi, due to his special stumpy anatomy, couldn't reach. But the food yet again started to disappear, even from the new spot. The owners kept a watchful eye and as it turned out, the Corgi would jump on top of a smaller chair, pulling it out from the table, and from that point on it was easy to reach the food. The amazing thing is the way he used to hide his tracks by pushing the chair back into its place so no one would suspect anything!

3. The Bed Hog Dog

The Bed Hog Dog
One cold day, a man's dog tricked him into believing he needed to go for a walk. However, as soon as the man got up from his bed and left the room, the dog bolted for his spot on the bed, making himself cozy under the warm covers, deciding to disregard his owner's presence. Who could blame him, we all love a nice, hot bed when it's cold outside!

4. Some Dogs Just Don't Share Their Toys

Some Dogs Just Don't Share Their Toys
A family had a Great Dane that got angry at them for giving away his favorite toy. A 3-year-old member of the family was visiting and while she was playing with the dog on the floor, she managed to snatch his plush toy. The dog looked at his owners, then at the little girl, and so back and forth several times in pure astonishment. Ultimately, when he realized he was getting no response from the people in the room, he bopped the child on the head with his paw. She started to cry and naturally dropped his toy, which he proceeded to pick up and elegantly marched away to his bed.

5. A Gentle Giant

A Gentle Giant
One time, a dog demolished a huge packet of mini chocolates while his owners weren't home. But he was so sweet, he left unopened chocolates on all of the beds of the household members. He made sure to share his findings, and who could get mad at him for that?

6. It's All About Cooperation

It's All About Cooperation
While the owners were having dinner, one of their two kitties lifted herself up and approached the man of the house as if she was pleading for some food. They were all amused by this and completely disregarded the other kitten that used the moment of distraction to steal a big piece of chicken off of the table. The moment the plan worked, both of the kittens dashed quickly and shared the nice meal together.

7. The Sneaky Devil

The Sneaky Devil
There was this cat that used to annoyingly wake up his owner every day at five in the morning so he would feed him. It took the owner some time to get the cat to stop doing that, but soon he found out that he started to wake up on his own at the very same time, for no apparent reason! One day he woke up a bit earlier than usual and remained in the bed in order to catch some more sleep. All of a sudden the man started hearing some quiet meowing with long pauses in between. He realized that his cat was actually still waking him up every day, only gently and sneakily, ceasing the meows the moment he wakes up so the owner wouldn't figure out it was him.

8. The Walnut Hack

The Walnut Hack
A man used to observe a crow that would gather walnuts, place them on the road and wait for vehicles to drive over them and crack them open by doing so. The bird would then wait until the traffic light changed and it was safe for her to step onto the road and collect her food!

9. A Dog with an Attitude

A Dog with an Attitude
A young woman had a dog that was not allowed to go into the kitchen. Every time he tried to do so, she would place him on her carpet next to the entrance of the kitchen and snub him. But as soon as she walked away, the dog would push his paws on the floor of the kitchen just to spite her! Sneaky!

10. Oh, the Things Some People (Or for That Matter - Birds) Will Do for a Taco!

Oh, the Things Some People (Or for That Matter - Birds) Will Do for a Taco!
There was this fast food place, which had a lot of customers. Among them, there was an unusually smart crow. Apparently, over time, the bird actually managed to catch the pattern in which people obtained food - coins for goods! So the crow would croak at them in order to catch their eye, and would flick a shiny penny it found around the busy restaurant at them. The bird would proceed to follow them around, hoping to get a prize in the form of food. One time the bird approached a man who got her an entire taco! He swears its croaking sounded as if she was pronouncing "taco"! That was the least he could do for such a smart bird.

11. The Caring Savior

The Caring Savior
Once, a dog managed to save a small boy's life! The child was only two when he managed to crawl away from the house and enter the back yard. He went to the pool, and when the family realized what was about to happen, they rushed to get him, only to find the family dog, shielding the boy from the pool's edge, carefully placing his hand in her mouth, taking him away from danger and potential drowning.

12. Trader Crow

Trader Crow
A man started feeding a crow while having a cigarette on the porch, and soon he noticed that empty cigarette packs started to emerge on the porch. When he tried to throw them out, the crow protested, so he stopped and just proceeded to give it food. Only then did the crow move and let the man have the packs. He was dealing with a trading crow, and the man claims that this business continued until winter came.

13. A Bagel for the Trick

A Bagel for the Trick
This one time, a man was munching on a bagel, and his dog was carefully watching the whole thing. Suddenly he went to the door and rung the bell that lets his owners know he needs to go outside. The man put his bagel aside in order to let the dog out, but while he was going to get the door, the dog swiftly ran back and snatched his food! That dog's a regular old trickster!

14. Birds That Stick Together Eat Together

Birds That Stick Together Eat Together
A group of crows that populated one neighborhood had special ways of producing sounds in order to alert the fellow crows what type of food was nearby. The birds would actually make a plan, and each crow had a role - some would confuse the individuals carrying the food, while others would try and grab a piece of it in the meantime. Amazingly enough, they would always manage to get at least a tiny piece to fill their stomachs!

15. Those Poor Mice...

Those Poor Mice...
"I use to find dead mice in my dog's water bowl. I couldn't figure out why these stupid mice kept drowning themselves. Then, one day, I was watching my dog stalking a mouse on the back porch. She caught it in her teeth, brought it to the water bowl, and held it under water with her teeth until it drowned. Walked away like it was nothing. Scariest thing I've ever seen," shared by papthegreek on Reddit.

16. Careful Geese

Careful Geese
One neighborhood had a small pond in its vicinity, and over time, it became heavily inhabited by geese. People who live nearby are accustomed to feeding the geese, which made the birds feel comfortable with constantly crossing the road in order to get some food. Over the years the traffic got pretty heavy, and people were concerned about hitting them. But recently, they added a stop sign and a pedestrian crossing to the road, and believe it or not, the geese now cross the road only in the safe area, over the crosswalk or up to several feet near it, never any further than that!

17. Furry and Feathery Teamwork

Furry and Feathery Teamwork
In the pet store from this story, the owner had a pitbull called Butch and he trained him to chase away all the customers who wanted to get into the store before the opening time. Once he would hear "Sic 'em Butch!", he would run from the backyard, into the store, and basically collide with the front door made of glass, which would eventually chase away all nosy customers. Once, nobody was in the store, and as usual, somebody wanted to get service before the opening time. Amazingly enough, store parrot called out the famous phrase and Butch came running to the front door, doing what he does best!
These 17 Stories Prove We Shouldn't Underestimate the Intelligence of Animals
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