A Guy Goes Fishing in the Amazon and Finds One of the Largest Fish in the World (10 Pics)

Posted on Jun 16, 2016

Hunters and fishermen are famous for being very passionate about their hobby. This guy is not any different, as he went into the rainforests to seek a new challenge. Check out what he found!

1. The Amazon Myth

The Amazon Myth
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There are tons of weird animals living in the Amazon rainforests, including those which are yet to be discovered. This guy heard a rumor about a giant fish that inhabits the river, so he took a trip all the way out there to find out if the story was true.

2. Arapaima Fish

Arapaima Fish
Photo: tnaqua.org
The fish he was looking for is called Arapaima, and its natural habitat is the Amazon. Arapaimas are very large freshwater species; they can be up to 10 feet long!

3. The Natives Have Seen It Before

The Natives Have Seen It Before
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The locals told the fisherman that they've seen some Arapaimas before, mainly because they can't breathe underwater, so they have to come to the surface to grab some air.

4. Testing the Myth

Testing the Myth
Photo: theguardian.com
It's now up to this man to be smart and patient. He must be in the right place to spot the legendary fish and strong enough to withstand the challenge.

5. Ready, Set, Bend!

Ready, Set, Bend!
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The fisherman is firmly holding his fishing rod and, all of a sudden, it starts to bend. He knew only a river monster could do something like that...

6. A Huge Creature

A Huge Creature
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At first, only a sudden flash of the Arapaima is shown, and it seems massive! It looks like it's going to be a struggle.

7. It Won't Give Up

It Won't Give Up
Photo: imgur.com
The fisherman couldn't restrain the beast even with the help of some locals who came with him. It now seems even more dangerous.

8. Finally, They Caught It

Finally, They Caught It
Photo: imgur.com
They did it! The Arapaima is finally subdued and is now in their hands. It is enormous.

9. A Prehistoric Fish

A Prehistoric Fish
Photo: inkart.net
The Arapaima species is actually very, very old. Over the years, its scales adapted to protect it from piranha bites. In fact, their scales are so tough, they are like armor.

10. One of the Largest Fish in the World

One of the Largest Fish in the World
Photo: imgur.com
This fish weighed about 200 pounds, and that is not even the largest one they could get. It was actually lighter and smaller than the average size of the Arapaima fish.
A Guy Goes Fishing in the Amazon and Finds One of the Largest Fish in the World (10 Pics)
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